Founded over a century ago, the American Farm School (AFS) serves students at the secondary, post-secondary and adult levels. AFS provides formal agricultural education as well as technical and professional training. It endeavors to prepare students for leadership roles in community life and to foster individual initiative, a spirit of enterprise, an appreciation of excellence, a lasting attitude of inquiry and the ability to work cooperatively.

The Post-Secondary Education and Training Association of American Farm School, best known as Perrotis College – PC ( comprises an integral part of the American Farm School educational system. The institute maintains a strong tradition of international cooperation and assistance in the areas of agriculture and training to adult members of rural societies. Transnational activities and outreach opportunities coincide with the operation of the Department of Continuing Education and Extension Services, which offers adult education programs, industry research and cooperative extension work. Besides, the department organizes and executes conferences, exchange programs and study visits on topics related to the agrofood sector, the environment, rural tourism, agribusiness, IT and training of trainers. For accomplishing the above tasks, PC operates the Center of Continuing Vocational Training accredited and supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education, and the Center for Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship, through which it aims to promote business ideas into entrepreneurial sustainable actions via mentoring and networking in the fields of production, processing and distribution of high quality agricultural products and services.