DRL is private company, based in Ireland with the small administration, outsourced experts, competitive costs. DRL is specialized in areas where Ireland can provide a useful role model such as economic and social development and between their clients can be find institutions like World Bank, European Union, UNDP, Irish Government etc.

In this private company owners and key experts can provide extensive expertise in fields like technology and E-business industries, they deliver courses for the Digital Skills Academy in Growth Hacking, for IES abroad in technology Ventures and commercialization of deep intellectual property technology. Also they have had an extensive career in organizing and facilitating study tours to Ireland, both South and North, covering such topics as Justice and Courts, Health Inspectorate, Conflict Mediation, Housing Policy, and Capacity Building for FDI and SME Promotion Institutions. The members of this company also have worked extensively in the areas of FDI and entrepreneurship in developed and developing countries. They optain wide experience in policy, implementation and training.