Mladiinfo International has successfully led more than 25 projects, and from 2009 has organized couple of training courses through the Youth in Action programme. As a web platform, informative centre, and a network, Mladiinfo International has developed the necessary capacities to enhance the educational potential of the young people in Macedonia and abroad. By providing free educational opportunities for youth and offering them help, advice and support through the process of application, Mladiinfo International has a direct impact on the lives of youth, empowering them and motivating them for action. Mladiinfo International promotes active citizenship and critical thinking, where the young people become shapers of their societies. Working actively in the fields of youth information, youth media and public relations (with an emphasis on new media). In this sense, Mladiinfo network creates a true youth podium globally where young minds can also share their thoughts, prepare food-for-though articles, give tips to their peers on how to benefit from learning experiences or how to navigate themselves once admitted to a new university program.

The network of Mladiinfo through its members has also gained significant experience in event management and its members have organized a multiple number of local and international events (trainings, workshops, conferences, youth exchanges) in each of. Therefore, Mladiinfo International has the needed skills and experiences in regard to this project. The organization is also ready to share them unselfishly with the other partner organizations.